Why NEW YouTubers Will Have an Advantage in 2021

This is why new YouTubers will actually have an ADVANTAGE in 2021…

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome back to another video where I teach what's working in my business to grow my YouTube Channel, how you can start from scratch, and most importantly how to use YouTube to build an actual business, rather than simply focusing on on generating more subscribers and views.

Today I'm going to talk about why it's actually BETTER to start your YouTube Channel now at the end of 2020 and how newer YouTubers may actually have a huge advantage over those that started years ago.

Most people think that once a handful of people are already successful at something then it's too late to get started.

YouTube is a perfect example of this and when I really began this channel less than a year ago people were wondering why I'm putting all of my attention into YouTube instead of some of the new platforms out there like Tik Tok or even Instagram which is technically much newer than YouTube.

But here's the crazy thing….

After generating over 25K subscribers in just a few months and adding an entirely new income stream to my business without even running ads on my channel…

I can tell you that NOW is the best time to get started on YouTube and there's a few very key reasons why this is…

So stick til the end because I'm not only going to reveal why I think NOW is the best time to start a YouTube Channel, but how YouTube has changed and what that means for the type of content you should be producing to quickly grow.

But before we get into all that if you're new here welcome to your favorite, or what I hope will become your favorite, channel to learn how to grow your YouTube Channel specifically with the aim of growing your business.

I post videos here every single week and always bring you the most up-to-date tactics and strategies to not only get more views, subscribers, and engagements, but actually build an audience that will turn into customers.

My goal is to take my 15 years of experience in Online Marketing and bring that to this platform so make sure to hit the like and subscribe button as well as turn on the notification bell. I always read my earliest comments first and use those to help me decide what we're going to talk about next.


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