Unlock Success Podcast | This Almost Destroyed My Business

Here's a POP QUIZ for you:

What do the following people have in common?

-Jimmy Carter
-Ulysses S Grant
-Winston Churchill
-Dwight Eisenhower
– & George Bush

If you guessed they all had insanely important jobs and had to make tough decisions every day – you'd be right.

But here's what ELSE they have in common that might surprise you, they all used PAINTING as a way to unwind, relax, and get their mind off of whatever was going on in their crazy world.

And maybe they were on to something…

See, in a culture that's so focused on hustling and grinding 24/7 we could probably learn a lot from very important and influential people who saw the need to slow down, take a break, get their mind off of work, and put their focus into something they enjoyed.

Ok, so maybe you're not an artist, and maybe you don't even have a hobby you wish you were doing right now, but there are still simple things YOU can do to make sure you're giving your body the break it needs – so when the time comes to WORK in your business, you can function at OPTIMAL levels.

Watch today's video to learn my FAVORITE strategies to prevent burnout in your life and business.


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