Unlock Success Podcast | The TOXIC Side of Watching Entrepreneurs on Social Media

Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I want to talk about one of the most harmful perceptions you can adopt as an entrepreneur.

The other day I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Youtube and I noticed that every video being recommended to me was telling the same story…

The story was about a struggling entrepreneur who started from nothing, then learned a few key strategies, put in some work, and is now a multi-millionaire, most likely with a half-dozen mansions and 43 fast cars that he barely uses because he's traveling the world every day of the year.

And whenever I clicked on one of these videos guess what I saw, ADS…

Yes, ADS, telling the EXACT SAME STORY as the one I was about to watch in the video:

"A struggling entrepreneur who started from nothing but managed to turn it into an Empire."

Maybe you've seen this story over and over again in your newsfeed as well.

And look, there's nothing wrong with that, I think these stories are inspiring…. I share my own as often as I can…

But here's the problem,

Because we have access to the internet…. sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok…

We now have access to the world's most remarkable stories from Entrepreneurs, stories of unbelievable wealth where people start at the bottom of the bottom and rise above everyone else.

And it's tempting to see all of these stories and think,

"THERE'S an entrepreneur that's TRULY remarkable… and because I'll never be like them, I'll never be remarkable myself."

And that's a dangerous.

So on today's video we discuss why that is, and how we can think differently about ourselves and our business.


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