Unlock Success Podcast | Inside the Minds of Today’s Teenagers (W/ Kaydence & Cameron)

Today is a SPECIAL edition of the Unlock Success Podcast where I interview two very important people in my life who I think can provide a unique perspective on what's going on in the world today.

Today we hear from Kaydence and Cameron, my niece and nephew, who are two teenagers living through what I (and many older than me) would consider a truly incredible time in our world's history.

Today we're diving in to their thoughts and perspectives on topics like:

– Living through a global pandemic
-What it's like to have been born into the technological age
-Their perspectives on entrepreneurship having seen it first hand

You may be surprised to find who their favorite entrepreneur is (Hint: It's NOT me 😉 )

As well as how this pandemic has affected them first hand.

I hope you enjoy thinking through these issues from a different perspective and take something special away.


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