Unlock Success Podcast | How to Avoid Failure By ETHICALLY Beating Your Competition

Hey Anthony Morrison here and in today's episode I want to talk about the #1 Reason Entrepreneurs FAIL when they're getting started with their business.

To make sure I was answering this honestly, I sat down and listed out ALL of the reason I could think of first to make sure I found the one I felt impacted entrepreneurs the most.

A few that came to mind were:
-Running out of capital
-No marketing strategy
-Leadership difficulties

But none of these compared to what I want to talk about today.

The #1 Reason Entrepreneurs FAIL in their business is that they underestimate their competition.

Don't believe me?

Think about it this way:

Every time someone pays you for a product or service, they're essentially saying "NO" to someone else's product or service. This happens every day in your business whether you see it or not.

When people say NO to you, they're saying YES to someone else.

So how do we overcome this and live it out?

How do we beat our competition in a way that's ethical and well planned out?

Watch today's video for KEY insights on how we do this at Morrison Publishing.


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