Unlock Success Podcast | 3 Millionaire Habits that Can Change Your Life (SERIOUSLY, Do These Now)

Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another episode of the Unlock Success Podcast.

Today I wanted to go over what I personally believe are the habits that can lead you to becoming a millionaire.

I know that's a bold claim. But I truly believe there are habits that anyone can adopt to dramatically affect your net worth.

And there's research to back this up.

In America today there are about 11 Million millionaires. When you think about how big this country is, that's a lot of millionaires.

But studies show that only 12% of them earned their net-worth through generational wealth, meaning, it was passed down to them.

That means there's close to 10 Million people in this country that have earned a net-worth placing them in the top of the top 1% – simply by taking action in their life, gearing their habits toward success, and focusing on their goal.

Having reached this goal myself, having seen my brother get there, and having friends around the world in different ways and from all walks of life build a net worth that crossed the 7 figure mark, I can attest there are habit across the board that just about every millionaire I know does…

And I want to share those with you today.


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