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Two smart marketers compete in a very dumb challege to Photoshop a Facebook Ad for the Central Texas Regional Air Guitar Championship, a very (probably) real event… in just 10 minutes. But they don’t know there’s a TWIST! Whose email will make the cut? It’s up to you to decide.


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Taylor Nelson, DigitalMarketer’s Lead Designer, and Michael Meola, DM’s Manager of Partner Success, face off in a battle of photoshop and ad design wits.

They’ve got just 10 minutes on the clock to create a Facebook ad that would make any air guitar fan immediately click. Because even if the contest isn’t (probably) real, the photoshop is.

Their ads must include these engaging design elements:

Air Guitar

After all, we want this ad to be eye catching as well as convincing.

But our Marketing Challenges host, Jenna Snavely, has something up her sleeve to make this challenge a little more… challenging.

Let’s see if these two smart marketers are up to the task. Let us know what you think of their ads in the comments below, and check back in next Friday for another Marketing Challenge!


You may know Jenna as the Content Manager of Production at DM, or as the host of The DigitalMarketer Podcast, or also "the one that emailed me about a new DM training." In her tenure, she has worked with thousands of industry experts to develop and program training content and curriculum for DigitalMarketer and Traffic & Conversion Summit. Just in the last year, she has produced and released 254 pieces of training content, which is a lot if you ask her.

Jenna has a background in education, over 13 years of improvisational comedy training, and has personally attempted at least 4 recipes from Bon Appétit (they went okay).

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