How We Sell High Ticket Products 24/7 | NO PHONE SALES ($100K/Month)

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and what if I told you there was a way to close high ticket deals around the clock, day or night, no matter what time zone you're in…WITHOUT jumping on the phone to close the deal?

Most people think that in order to close high ticket deals you need a lead to schedule an appointment with you, get on the phone with them, and sell your high ticket service or coaching program one person at a time.

And while we definitely use the phone method in our business – it's not the only way we close deals.

In fact, if we relied on that method we'd be totally lost.

We have orders coming in all hours of the day, from people with different types of work hours and availability.

We simply couldn't continue to running at the scale that we are at Morrison Publishing if we didn't have an around the clock method to make sales.

And the method we use to do this? Automated Webinars.

Yes, Webinars.

The very thing that so many gurus are running around screaming are dead, is still the thing that brings in tens of thousands of dollars per day to our business.

Here's a few reasons why Automated Webinars (or auto-webinars for short) are still the undisputed champion of selling high ticket online.


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