How Much Money I Earn Weekly as an Affiliate Marketer & YouTuber (Income Streams)

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Hey everyone Anthony Morrison here and today I'm peeling back the curtain and sharing with you the income streams that are making money every week as an affiliate marketer.

I wanted to shoot this video to inspire you and show what's possible when you simply build your email list and promote valuable products that your customers want and need.

Now, I'm not going to be sharing the money I'm making from my courses simply because, on this channel we're focused on Affiliate Marketing, promoting OTHER people's courses and other people's products

So today I'm walking through my different income streams as an affiliate marketer.

DISCLAIMER: I want to stress that I did NOT build these income streams from having a wildly successful youtube channel, selling my own courses or by having a big brand or big name.

The method I used was simply building an email list and staying consistent with sending regular emails. (Something that ANYONE can and SHOULD do if they want to start a business online.)

And now, it doesn't require a full-blown website, youtube channel or tons of money for Facebook or Youtube ads,

There are plenty of free ways to grow your email list and we even teach you some of them on this channel.

Ok enough intro, I hope you enjoy today's video! 🙂


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