Best Way to Make $1500+ Per Month On YouTube With NO SUBSCRIBERS in 2020 (Free Traffic Method)

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Hey Everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I'm going to show you how you can earn $1500/Month on Youtube From Affiliate Marketing…

And the great part is:

-You don't need to any subscribers
-You don't need to rely on Google Adsense
-You don't need a ton of viewers on your videos
-You don't even need a high quality video or studio like the one I'm in now

This is the perfect method if you're an affiliate marketer and you're just getting started on Youtube but your channel isn't big enough to generate consistent revenue through adsense.

Look, most people think that the only way to generate money on Youtube is to get millions of views and have either Youtube pay you per view or have another brand pay you to mention them in your videos…

And while these are great methods, they're completely out of reach of those that are just getting started.

Most beginning youtube channels simply aren't large enough to pick up enough steam to secure a brand deal.

And even though Youtube's "Pay Per Impression" Model varies depending what niche you're in.

It's going to be VERY difficult to beat the method I'm about to show you in today's video.

See, the method I'm going to show you doesn't require a ton of views and it doesn't require having a lot of subscribers either.

Let me explain it like this.

There are two reasons people usually go on youtube.

The first is to just browse, they want to see trending videos, or catch up on their favorite channels, or let Youtube hand-pick a few of the most popular videos you might like on your home page.

That's what we call "browsing" and THAT'S when it's important to have a lot of subscribers, likes, comments, views, all the things that people typically think you need to make money on Youtube.

But the other way people consume content on Youtube is a little different..

In this second way, people come to youtube specifically to search for something.

Whether they're typing in a question, or they're looking for a tutorial video, they're coming to youtube becomes they have something specific they want to find and learn.

And this is where views or subscribers become practically irrelevant.

For example, if I'm trying to find the best podcast studio mic to use on my show, I'm really not interested in how many views or subscribers that channel has because all I care about is finding a video that answers my question.

And this is exactly the type of traffic we'll be hijacking.

So how does it all work? Let's walk this through step-by-step.


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