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Let me tell you the absolute truth about making money online…

It should take someone no more than 10 minutes to explain how it works.

When I search on Youtube or Google for ways to make money online, just to see what's being taught, I'm seeing the most insanely complicated strategies…

-Complex marketing funnels
-Amazon FBA
-Perfecting a skill then launching an agency
-Ranking and renting SEO sites

Don't get me wrong, these methods are all fine and they all work.

But if you're a complete beginner it's SO important to focus on strategies that don't throw you into the deep end.

I highly recommend making money as an affiliate marketer as your FIRST method to make money online before venturing into anything else.

That's why I created this short but complete tutorial walking you through exactly how you can make money on a website that's allowed me to generate several millions in the past few years.


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