Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog. My name is Dusty Staggs and or the last 25 years I have owned and operated an offline business in the farming fertilizer industry. Being that I am way out in West Texas my customers are pretty much fixed in this area of the world. I wanted to have a global reach which is not possible with my current business. Don’t get me wrong this business has provided a great life and will continue to do so. I just want to move on to different things and different niches.

About 8 years ago I decided I wanted to step out in the online world. I came in as a complete newbie and got sucked up in the make money online industry. Being a business person this is where I wanted to be but this industry is not for the week of heart.

Over the years I have learned a lot about Affiliate Marketing, digital marketing, what’s good and what’s bad and I want to offer my readers some insight into this world and offer updated information and product reviews, tips and strategies.

Please don’t be fooled marketing online is hard work especially at the start. You have to do the work regardless of what people tell you.

There are proper ways to market online, it may take awhile but it is worth it. So don’t be discouraged there is hope in this industry.

One important piece of advice I can give is not wait too long to get you a coach. By getting a coach you will get the guidance you need to avoid all of the trip wires in what we call marketing online.

Knowledge with out Action is just Knowledge

This is how you overcome. You get educated. There are ways to get educated in this space without breaking the bank. Just remember deception after deception is going to break the bank.

There is no point in acquiring knowledge on how to do something if you don’t put that knowledge into action and utilize the amount of time that you have available on any given day.

Taking proper action on what you learn leads to a better business, more income and ultimately more time to spend as you like.

Please have a look around and if you have anything to share in respect to building an affiliate business please do let me know.

To your success