4 Landing Page Elements That Will MAKE OR BREAK Your Page | Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau

This week, Justin Rondeau, General Manager for DigitalMarketer, goes over the 4 elements of a landing page that will make or break your page (and your conversions on the page).


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Here are the 4 elements of a landing page that will make or break your page.

Landing page element #1: Your Offer

The offer breaks down into four critical points:

– Clarity
– Scent
– Relevance
– Visualization

Ask yourself whether what you’re showing is desirable and you’re CLEARLY articulating WHAT IT IS and WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOUR PROSPECT.

Landing page element #2: Your Ask

Your ask needs to be evident. Whenever someone hits a landing page they need to know What, why, and what to do next.

Landing page element #3: Trust

People don’t like giving up information, personal OR billing, to people they don’t trust. Unless you’re a well-known brand you don’t have brand authority on your side so you need to build up some rapport.

Landing page element #4: Visual hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy is really about two things:

1. Message Sequencings
2. Visual Cues

You can use visual cues to highlight key pieces of information, like when the most important content is in the lightest section or arrows to point something out.


Justin Rondeau is the General Manager at DigitalMarketer and has been doing this whole “Marketing” thing since 2010, when he was mildly […okay maybe more than mildly] obsessed with all things, data, email, optimization, and split testing.

He’s trained thousands of marketers, spoken on hundreds of stages, runs a delightful team of marketers & product creators, has dozens of shirts louder than his voice, and loves one hockey team: the Boston Bruins.

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